About Me


Welcome to my blog!

My name is Aaliyah and I was raised in the beautiful island of Antigua. I’m a lover of sunsets, pineapples on pizza, taking pictures, camping, binge watching shows on Netflix, and going to the beach. *We can be besties now!*  I’m also a graduate of the Midwestern State University where I received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Geosciences. Currently, I’m trying to figure out my next move in life.

A scientist who likes to blog? Well, I guess I’m more diverse than you think.

“As told by Ali” is all about my experiences, adventures, and anything else I’m interested in. Experiences range from being in college or currently going through life in my 20s; there’s #MotivationMonday, #FridayFaves and my new series “Island Life” where I show you life on my island.

If you’re new to the blog check out some of my most popular posts here and I hope you stick around.

It’s my desire to become an inspiration to others, and grow personally from this blogging experience.

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Stay Tuned


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