Adventure Time ~ A Photo Diary

Hey Guys!!

I can’t believe I’m only posting this now, please forgive me. However, last month I had the opportunity to visit Redonda to participate in a restoration project.

The island of Redonda exists as remnants of an ancient extinct volcano; it is also politically a part of Antigua & Barbuda. It’s currently uninhabited by humans due its nature (no running water, steepness, inaccessible by transport other than helicopters).


BTW this is all a part of my new job, so you can tell how excited I was for this opportunity. The trip was scheduled for a Saturday at 10 a.m. and once everybody arrived we went through an emergency briefing then it was time to go!!

Deep Water Harbor, Antigua


Yepton’s Beach, Antigua
Hawksbill Beach, Antigua

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Weekend Photo Diary

Hey Guys!!

Most of you may have had your 4-day weekend week before last, but last week happened to be ours in Antigua *and much of the Caribbean*.

I decided to take a break from all the chatter and share a few pictures from my weekend!

Hope you enjoy =)


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Sunday Funday // A Beach Photo Diary

Hey Guys!!

Look what made a comeback, yep #SundayFunday. I’ve been inside quite a lot these past few weeks, but I made it outside yesterday! Just like most of my other Sunday adventure posts, I made it to the beach; well more specifically, Maiden Island.

Maiden Island is a small offshore island about 10 minutes by boat from Antigua (depending on where you’re departing from). You can walk around the island and see different views, some of Antigua, Jumby Bay ( a popular Rosewood Resort) and another offshore island in the distance. One side of the island has a dock for access onto the island; this side is also preferred for swimming activities. The other side is usually windier and surrounded by seaweed.

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Braid-outs & Saltwater


What should have been my weekend in review is now a round-up of my Saturday shenanigans.


Wednesday was my two month post big chop-aversary (anniversary). I didn’t do a length check, but instead CORNROWS! *at least my sister’s version of them*. Don’t get me wrong I’m pretty appreciative of them, because I could do no better.

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Sunday Funday // Happy New Year

Hey Guys!!

How cool is it that New Year’s day falls on a Sunday? Not only do we get an extra day for a holiday, but it just makes the celebration even more worth it. Before we get into my first adventure of the year…..

iPhone wallpaper #iPhone wallpaper #xmasWallpaper:

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Sunday Funday // Raft Up

Hey guys!!

I’ve been pretty MIA lately and forgot to post about one of my Sunday adventures. Well actually I didn’t really plan to post about it, but hey why not?

Almost two weeks ago I attended an event by the name of “Raft Up: Christmas Edition.”

Image may contain: outdoor, text, water and nature

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Sunday Funday //Boat Party

It’s now a given that my Sundays are meant for being on the water. Last Sunday I got invited to a boat cruise as a celebration for a friend of a friend’s birthday. I agreed to go as it was a long weekend and I had nothing else planned.

The boat was set to leave at 10:30 a.m. SHARP but as typical Antiguan (Caribbean) people we left sometime after 11:00 a.m. On our departure out of the harbor the water was a bit choppy so the ride wasn’t as enjoyable.

My favorite part about this boat was the fact that their was a top deck.  It was practically the worst area to be with all the rocking, but it had the best views. We ventured west of the island passing various popular beaches as well as the hidden gems. We continued heading around the island until we got to the southern part seeing areas such as Jolly Harbor and Hermitage Bay.

After making a U-turn we ventured back to a hidden beach which we passed on the way. This beach seems only accessible by boat unless you do some extreme hiking through the bush. I believe its name is Pinching Bay.

The water was nice and shallow, as well as pretty clear. There was food, drinks, music and some pretty cool people, what more can you ask for?

In all the day was pretty awesome and I couldn’t catch myself Monday morning for work *oops*. But as they say, “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” So let’s see how that goes!


Stay Tuned

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Sunday Funday // Waterpark Fun

So it’s Monday again, start of another week and one day closer to Christmas;
However, before we get into that guess what I did yesterday?
The title is a give away, but yes I went to a water-park.
More specifically,Β D-Boat.

Image result for dboat antigua

As you can see this is unlike any other water park; firstly it’s literally on water and its main frame is a refurbished oil tanker. Pretty cool, huh? It’s currently located off the coast of Antigua near to Maiden Island and also serves as a party boat in the evenings.

We decided to spend the day on D-Boat after much planning and anticipation. It’s been opened since 2014 but this was our first time checking it out in the day. There’s a ferry service to and from the ship which lasts less than 5 mins.

Water activities aboard include a water slide, trampoline, rope swing, jump off plank, and a new addition the Fat Boy blob which launches you into the water. If you’re a chicken like me, you can simply lounge around in the water on a noodle or relax on deck and soak up some sun.

The day pass starts from 11 a.m until 5 p.m. with lunch and unlimited drinks included.

All in all it was a good day, maybe next time I’ll tackle the rides *lol*.

Have you ever been to a water park?
What sort of activities do/would you try?

Stay Tuned

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Sunday Funday – Boatin’

Last Sunday was one of my most adventurous days since I’ve been back home. Not only was it last-minute and totally unplanned, but it was worth every second.

First and foremost it was my best friends birthday (Woohoo); so we had lunch then another one of her friends asked if she wanted to come boating *and I totally invited myself*. We left from one end of the island to the complete opposite, about 45 mins the most.

The views were amazing and unfortunately I lost my photos *thanks snapchat*, however I’ll share these.


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Stay-cation // Birthday Weekend

Hey Guys!!

So my birthday came and went and all the celebrations are now over. Left up to me I wouldn’t have made any plans because I’m not into the big birthday celebrations anymore. My circle definitely got smaller for one, so there’s hardly anyone to celebrate with plus nothing ever goes as planned.

However, my parents decided to treat me to a weekend at a hotel; they’ve all done this before, but this was my first time. Our hotel of choice was The Verandah Resort & Spa.

The hotel is located on the eastern side of the island and I live on the western side, so it was about a 30-40 minute drive. We got out there at about 12:30 p.m. checked in then went to lunch until our room was ready. After lunch we basically hung around the bar to kill time and just relax.

Our room was ready around 2:00 p.m. and while collecting my keys I received a complimentary bottle of champagne for my birthday gift. Yay!

The room was gorgeous and spacious. The colors, the art work on the walls and all the amenities provided were A1. I could stay in the room forever, and don’t talk about the view! My only regret was not capturing a picture of the sunrise/sunset.

There are three pools located around the resort, as well as access to two different beaches. Unfortunately, I never visited the pool but I did go to the beach as seen above (first image). The landscape around the resort is also very beautiful and relaxing.

Overall I had a great time and enjoyed the weekend; It was a good getaway. My only disappointment was with the food which is enough to make me question a repeat visit. I also got cake and was serenaded by the workers at a dinner, after party with live band and breakfast. They sure know how to make you feel special!


That just about wraps up my weekend! Hope your weekend was just as good.


Stay Tuned