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Treasure the Good Times

Christmas is usually a time when the family gets together to partake in various festivities. This may be the only time you ever see some of your family members for the year.

Based on today’s word of the day “Treasure” I just want everyone to remember that life is short, and no-one is promised tomorrow.

Let us continue to treasure the time we have with our friends and family while they’re still alive. If someone has wronged you for whatever reason try putting your pride aside to talk things out and forgive one another.

Cherish the moments;

Treasure the good times;

You never know when it’ll be the last.

“Moments, rather than possessions, are the true treasures of life.” ~ Frank Sonnenberg I #Memories #BookSmart:

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*12 days of Blogmas coming soon*


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T’is the Season

It’s the eve of December and thanksgiving is long gone, so you know what’s next right?


The most wonderful time of the year.
I absolutely adore Christmas for so many reasons.
From the food, music, decorations, movies etc etc
I just love the feel of the Christmas season.
It also happens to get cooler in the tropics as oppose to Winter elsewhere. Continue reading “T’is the Season”

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WPC // Magic of Nature

Don’t you think it’s awfully magical the way the sky changes from day to-night or night to-day?

The different colors and hues which light up the sky sending you into a shock of amazement.

It’s also magical the way it makes you feel; a sense of calmness as you watch another day end or begin.

To me, nature is simply MAGICAL

Here’s a picture of the sun setting just beyond the hills from my home. It was simply amazing seeing the sky decorated with such colors from my window.

P.S You can find magic in any thing.

Daily Post Weekly Photography Challenge: Magic

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Actions > Words

Every time I hear the word “promise” being used in a sentence I automatically think “Yeah right!”


Growing up I always heard this proverb being used and it happened to stick with me along the way. It simply means that you can’t rely on words alone, because people will always fail you.

To me, those are good words to live by. You can’t be going around trusting everyone that says they’ll do something for you. If you see they’re making no effort to show you they mean it, move on. It’s unfair to you to keep waiting and hoping on something that may never happen.

The Classy Issue:



Daily Prompt: Promises


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Rainy Days

Happy Monday Guys!

Today started off rather gloomy and quiet. It’s been raining for a little over an hour now, and I hope it continues all day. I’m the type of person who loves the rain especially if I’m at home. Not only does it get a little cooler, but there’s something peaceful about hearing rain drops on your roof/window.

The rain is also the perfect get-out-of-jail free card for people like me; as I can use it as an excuse to stay in as opposed to going out when I’m not up for it. Today just also happened to be one of those days, as I was debating leaving home (even though I didn’t want to) it began to rain. An answer to my prayers.

Rainy days also call for:

  Snuggling up in bed with a good movie/book

 Sleeping in/ taking a nap throughout the day, just to enjoy the peace and quiet

 Catching up on some blog posts

Indulging in a new hobby; time to try my hand at some DIYs

Views from my window =)

What do you guys do on rainy days? Do you enjoy or detest them?

Stay Tuned

The Daily Post’s photo challenge H2O

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Here & Now

Damn Ali, back again with the discover challenges! Do ya’ll remember when that was a thing? All the “Damn Daniel” remarks etc. Anyways, it’s been awhile since I participated in a Daily Post Discover Challenge; I usually like these challenges because they push you to think about certain topics not just at surface level, but at depth. Continue reading “Here & Now”

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Obvious, or not?

Didn’t my actions say enough?

Why did I have to come right out, and say I love you?

Wasn’t it obvious enough?

Now nothing’s the same.

Those three words changed everything.

Maybe saying it out loud brought you back to reality.

But you haven’t said I love you since.

“Complications” were what you called it.

From then it was obvious that this wasn’t going anywhere.

Whatever “this” was.



Daily Prompt: Obvious


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To know how to

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Learning how to love myself.

How to accept every flaw and know that I am worthy.

Learning how to stand up for myself.

How to show others that my voice matter, my feelings matter.

Learning how to pray.

How to be at peace with myself in this crazy world.

It’s all a process.

Learning process.


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Falling for FALL

As Summer comes to and end, I’m stuck on an island dreaming of fall. What’s wrong with me, right? I can think of so many individuals who would love to be in my position. However, after experiencing the change of seasons over the last three years, Fall definitely grew on me.

As a part of this week’s discovery challenge The Poetry of List-Making I decided to share what my dreams consisted of; so here are:

My Fall Favorites

Continue reading “Falling for FALL”