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Welcome to Island Life

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It’s mid-week! Hump Day Woot! Woot! Two more days till the WEEKEND.

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Island Life, Travel

The Ultimate Getaway

Take a moment and open your mind to me; use your imagination.

Sand between your toes; small, soft grains falling on your feet as you walk. Depending on the time of day it may feel warm or cold.
Salty air burning your nose or feeling the salt dry on your skin;
Warm sun rays against your face;
Sound of crashing waves against the rocks;

If you haven’t guessed it, i’m talking about THE BEACH. *my favorite place*


The beach can change an individual’s mood with the calming sounds and beautiful landscape. Wee hours of the morning along with the setting of the sun, there’s a play of colors on the sky in which beach-goers enjoy watching. There is really nothing like an island sunset/sunrise; blues, yellows, purples all floating in the sky only begs for the perfect photograph accompanied by the calming sea.

Described as loyal, the beach is said to be like a best friend; listening when you speak and never revealing your secrets are few of the qualities. However, the waves show a violent side and become angry when screams are heard.

50 shades of blue with an addition of palm tress blowing in the wind, and white cotton candy clouds.
Soft, silky sand as you lay to catch a tan or simply enjoy the sea breeze and tranquility of the bay.
Wouldn’t you like to visit?

[Post was done in response to the discover challenge “Blogging the Senses“]
P.S Photos were taken by me. =)


Island Life, Travel


If you’ve ever been on social media, and seen pictures of what people call paradise you’d surely see the hashtag “I Live Where You Vacation” among them. Well, I happen to be one of those individuals who live where others would like to vacation. I hail from the beautiful island on Antigua and Barbuda, and i’m here to tell you a bit about my home.

Washed by the Caribbean Sea, Antigua is home to 365 beaches one for every day of the year. Lush blue clear waters where you can see your feet at the bottom, perfect for snorkeling. There are many activities and water sports to keep you occupied. However “The Beach is not only the Beginning.”

Antigua also has a tropical rainforest where you can go zip-lining, old sugar mills to explore, various forts, swim with stingrays, and endless activities. The new ones include buggy rides around the island, as well as DBoat a floating water attraction.

Barbuda, it’s sister island is home to pink sand beaches, and one of the largest Frigate Bird Sanctuaries in the region.

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Aqua playground at Darkwood beach.

Fort Barrington, Antigua

Green Island (One of the islands offshore from Antigua, accessible by boat tours)

The above pictures were taken from Live 2 Hover check out his page for more beautiful pictures of Antigua & Barbuda, and occasionally Montserrat.

Old sugar mills; historical site.

The famous lookout point – Shirley Heights

For more pictures, and further information check out the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism page.

P.S as mentioned earlier, none of the pictures shown here belong to me, they were all taken from the following links.