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Let’s Talk: 13 Reasons Why

Hey Guys! Hope everyone is well.

Over the last few weeks I have seen quotes/messages from people about 13 reasons Why on various social media platforms. At first I was confused, because I never heard of this show; only to realize it’s a Netflix series based on a book. Everyone was going on about it, even in my group chats that I finally decided to give it a try.

Ten minutes in I decided it wasn’t for me, I was bored and the interest just wasn’t there. However, conversation continued and I felt even more curious to understand what everyone was talking about so I gave it another try. I finally completed the season last week and I don’t think I have a general description/emotion about it.

 baby confused idk unsure good luck charlie GIF

If you haven’t watched it yet I’d stop reading now *spoilers ahead*. Continue reading “Let’s Talk: 13 Reasons Why”

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Friday Faves // Soca Songs

Hey Guys!!

Can I start counting down to our “Antigua’s” Carnival now or nah?

Image result for antigua carnival 2017

Okay, maybe it’s a bit early, but why not start building the vibe?
Trinidad’s carnival is currently underway with their parades being held next week. However, tonight is a big night known as FANTASTIC FRIDAY; it’s an International Soca Monarch competition with artistes from across the region/world. Continue reading “Friday Faves // Soca Songs”

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Year in Review

Hey Guys!!

I’ve totally flaked on my blog this week *I know*. I had the grand idea of participating in blogmas by even shortening it to 12 days and I still fell short. However, I’m here today to discuss my year, 2016.

What can I say about 2016?

I don’t think there’s any one word to describe it for it had its ups and downs. I feel like a lot happened this year pertaining to the world, but for me not so much *or maybe I’m downplaying myself a bit*. Continue reading “Year in Review”

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Friday Faves // Top 10 Tracks

“I just wanna thank God & Ice Cube for Friday!”

This Friday it’s all about MUSIC.

People listen to music for a variety of reasons; for me it’s just for fun or simply to relax/chill. Something about music just makes you feel a “type of way”. Whether it makes you revisit a past event or lift your mood for that day. Continue reading “Friday Faves // Top 10 Tracks”

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Day Parties // OOTD

Hey Guys!!!

It’s party time again!
(Click for first party post)

As mentioned in my previous post, this weekend I attended an event called “Sin City” which was a Halloween street party. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but since I was already there and paid my money I decided to make the best of it (a.k.a alcohol). However, that wasn’t the only chance to turn up this weekend as there was another highly anticipated party on Sunday.

Dadli Day Fete

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Stay-cation // Birthday Weekend

Hey Guys!!

So my birthday came and went and all the celebrations are now over. Left up to me I wouldn’t have made any plans because I’m not into the big birthday celebrations anymore. My circle definitely got smaller for one, so there’s hardly anyone to celebrate with plus nothing ever goes as planned.

However, my parents decided to treat me to a weekend at a hotel; they’ve all done this before, but this was my first time. Our hotel of choice was The Verandah Resort & Spa.

The hotel is located on the eastern side of the island and I live on the western side, so it was about a 30-40 minute drive. We got out there at about 12:30 p.m. checked in then went to lunch until our room was ready. After lunch we basically hung around the bar to kill time and just relax.

Our room was ready around 2:00 p.m. and while collecting my keys I received a complimentary bottle of champagne for my birthday gift. Yay!

The room was gorgeous and spacious. The colors, the art work on the walls and all the amenities provided were A1. I could stay in the room forever, and don’t talk about the view! My only regret was not capturing a picture of the sunrise/sunset.

There are three pools located around the resort, as well as access to two different beaches. Unfortunately, I never visited the pool but I did go to the beach as seen above (first image). The landscape around the resort is also very beautiful and relaxing.

Overall I had a great time and enjoyed the weekend; It was a good getaway. My only disappointment was with the food which is enough to make me question a repeat visit. I also got cake and was serenaded by the workers at a dinner, after party with live band and breakfast. They sure know how to make you feel special!


That just about wraps up my weekend! Hope your weekend was just as good.


Stay Tuned


MTV VMAs Review

Listen. Listen. Listen. !!

I don’t even know where to start! Award shows are not usually my thing, but this one had me. From the outfits, to the performances……to the speeches, just WOW! So where to begin?

The Red Carpet

At 7:00 p.m. there I was flipping through my channels trying to find what station the red carpet was showing on. Went through all 100 channels, looked through the guide and no luck. So how was I seeing pictures of celebrities on Instagram? Only to realize the next day (today) that it was being streamed online. Thanks a lot MTV.

frustrated jake johnson nick miller new girl couch Continue reading “MTV VMAs Review”