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Eat Outs // Pari’s Pizza + Steakhouse

Hey Guyss!!
Happy Friday!!

This week has been a long one yet still a quick one, if that makes any sense. However, on Tuesday we celebrated my baby sister’s graduation from high school. She received many awards and we simply couldn’t end the night without celebrating. Since it was a week night we settled for a pizza night.

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It’s located just behind Rex Halcyon Cove and only 10 minutes from town. It was recently renovated and has been established since 1977. The overall environment is very welcoming and relaxed. It is a great area for families and kids, as well as groups (coworkers/friends). As mentioned earlier we came specifically for PIZZA; we ordered two large ones to share.

Mexican Pizza
Steak & Mushroom Pizza

Both were good but I enjoyed the Mexican more. The Steak and Mushroom felt like it was missing something, probably some onions/other seasonings?

Apart from pizzas, they also serve pastas, seafood, various meats and the obvious steak. The prices were reasonable and I’d definitely return to experience other menu options. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the fruit punch, not sure what they mixed it with but something was off.

Photos: tripadvisor


Service: 5/5
Pizza: 4/5
Price: $$

Enjoy your weekend and look forward to more “Eat Out” posts













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If you’ve ever been on social media, and seen pictures of what people call paradise you’d surely see the hashtag “I Live Where You Vacation” among them. Well, I happen to be one of those individuals who live where others would like to vacation. I hail from the beautiful island on Antigua and Barbuda, and i’m here to tell you a bit about my home.

Washed by the Caribbean Sea, Antigua is home to 365 beaches one for every day of the year. Lush blue clear waters where you can see your feet at the bottom, perfect for snorkeling. There are many activities and water sports to keep you occupied. However “The Beach is not only the Beginning.”

Antigua also has a tropical rainforest where you can go zip-lining, old sugar mills to explore, various forts, swim with stingrays, and endless activities. The new ones include buggy rides around the island, as well as DBoatΒ a floating water attraction.

Barbuda, it’s sister island is home to pink sand beaches, and one of the largest Frigate Bird Sanctuaries in the region.

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Aqua playground at Darkwood beach.

Fort Barrington, Antigua

Green Island (One of the islands offshore from Antigua, accessible by boat tours)

The above pictures were taken from Live 2 Hover check out his page for more beautiful pictures of Antigua & Barbuda, and occasionally Montserrat.

Old sugar mills; historical site.

The famous lookout point – Shirley Heights

For more pictures, and further information check out theΒ Antigua & Barbuda TourismΒ page.

P.S as mentioned earlier, none of the pictures shown here belong to me, they were all taken from the following links.