Seasons are for a Reason


We all go through things in life, and I think if it’s one thing we always notice is nothing lasts forever. The lows we may feel, or a spontaneous high from something exciting; it’s all temporary.

A Season does not last a lifetime

Not trying to be the bearer of bad news here, but it’s the truth. Let’s talk about the bad first. Try and remember a time where you were scared at the outcome of something; or felt like “this is it” life has no meaning and the worst thing was currently happening to you. Now fast forward to present moment, was it really?

Were all of the things you thought of previously the worst things that could happen in you life? Were there no silver linings? Did they last forever? NO!

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You Need More Than Motivation

Oooo its Wednesday, #HumpDay! Hope all is well and your week has been going smoothly, two more days until the weekend.

I know most of the time in order to get started with a project or plans for a goal we need a little push. Most times that’s readily available, whether it’s a person cheering you on or a podcast you listen to daily; the motivation is there. But what happens when you still don’t feel motivated enough or you’re not on the receiving end of any motivation?

This is the tough part.

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Let’s Talk // Being a HATER

As I enter another year of life and we prepare for a new year (2018) I took a step back and began to analyze my life. Is it going how I planned? Did I achieve my goals/dreams? Am I becoming the person I want to be? Am I happy with myself? etc etc. Then, it crossed my mind how throughout this year I was being called a hater for my views on certain topics. Whether it was how someone was dressed, what they liked, how they acted or what they chose to do with their life. I had to stop and ask myself, when did I become that person?

lets talk

How did I go from the person who cared about what other people thought of me to one who had negative comments about everything. I wouldn’t say I’m an internet troll *I keep it in the group chats*, but I’ve definitely been caught sipping on some haterade. At least that’s what it looks like to other people, but maybe my opinions just differ from everyone else? Continue reading “Let’s Talk // Being a HATER”

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This Year I Will….

Comparing my progress to others; “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

The gym *lol* or at least some sort of workout plan

Montserrat. It’s so close to home and I also have family relations there, so why not?

Change. I don’t expect everything to stay the same in 2017; things will happen whether good or bad and you’d have to learn to accept them. Continue reading “This Year I Will….”

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Destination Unknown


I can’t believe there are only THREE days left in the year; 2016 is definitely getting out of here with quickness. That also means three more days to get my life in order and make some goals for 2017.

For this year I only started making plans in January which was extra late, but this time hopefully it’s not the same. At the beginning of the year I was living in Texas and had a totally different outlook on my life and where I’d be at this point in time.

It’s good to make plans and to have an idea of where you want to go in life and the accomplishments you want to make. However, some times everything doesn’t go as planned and changes occur. The path I had set out for myself in January took many turns, and eventually I had no choice but to go with the flow.

As I go into 2017 I welcome new pathways in hopes that they enrich me with blessings and lessons to be learnt.

Welcome Home

“If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.”




Goodbye September, Hello October

Am I the only one who thought that September lasted forever and a day? Like it would never end? Somber September was what it was for me and probably my most miserable month for the year. Usually September is back to school month, therefore something to look forward too but now there was nothing. Summer was over, all the parties and shenanigans were done, my friends that are still attending college overseas have returned, and where was I? Of course I still had friends here, but this would have been different. Reality begun to set in *as if it didn’t each day*, but being home 24/7 gives you A LOT of time to think.  [Read my post Here & Now to get an idea why.]

However, I’m more than ready to say goodbye to somber September. Adios! Chao! Good riddance. With all these goodbyes I hope to get rid of my current feelings and do a complete 180 on my mood. September has taken a toll on me and all I can hope is October changes everything.

So once more I say GOODBYE SEPTEMBER

« O C T O B E R // let's do this »:

In welcoming October I open my heart to new blessings, new chances, new memories to be made, new goals, a new mindset. I’m determined to put my best foot forward and work my hardest to start achieving everything I deserve.

October also happens to be my birth month woohoo!

Hello October, I’ve been waiting.
Stay tuned!!


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To be Young & Twenty

I recently came across a blog titled Young and Twenty and thought it to be pretty cool. Therefore, taking the title of the blog I decided to make it into my own post since I’m currently within that age group. So here it goes….

I remember what it was like being a teenager and the excitement in becoming an adult. When I say “adult” I’m referring to the young adults, those in their twenties. They made everything look so cool; like they had their shit together, but still time for fun. No-one seemed to bother with them and everything appeared simple.

Entering your twenties for the first is like “Yay, I’m 20, I’m grown.” Then it’s the I can’t wait to be 21 – going to clubs without getting a huge X on your hand; purchasing your own alcoholic drink at a restaurant, and flashing the waitress your I.D. After that I think the next big event is turning 25, a quarter century. You made it! These are all special moments in growing up brought upon us due to mainstream media.

Who determined the importance of these days?

However, I’m here to talk about what being young and twenty means to me.

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Daily Prompts

The Necessary

From the time of our birth we were taught how to survive.

What to do?

How to do it;

what was necessary in order to make it to the next day.

We’ve all heard of evolution, and how things change and develop over time.

“Only the strong will survive”

Physically and mentally.

It’s not easy in today’s ever-changing world, but if you want to be a part of it you must learn how to survive.

Not only the basics of waking up, eating, getting dressed, but also how to get ahead in life. How to be more than just exist in this form (What’s Your Purpose?). To find a deeper meaning to life and to live it out each day.

Survival is necessary.

“You never need to apologize for how you chose to survive.”

I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.




The Leap

I’ve finally decided to take the leap.

This may be the biggest decision of my life, but no turning back now.

I’ve been MIA for a bit because I’ve been going through a rough time. Basically I graduated college in December and I’m still unemployed. Yes, I know stuff like that doesn’t happen right away but seeing others who graduated with me already working, and seemingly have their life together makes it difficult for me. Another thing that had me down was the fact that I haven’t achieved any of my  goals that I made for the previous months. It’s frustrating and has left me unmotivated and ready to give up.

However, with the advice of many and the push of my parents I decided to move from little ole Wichita Falls, Texas (my comfort zone) to a whole new state/city. Therefore, I’ve been busy packing and attempting to get things together. I’m still kind of bummed out but I’m trying my best to look forward to change, and hopefully new opportunities.

I’ll be back soon. xoxo

Wish me luck & stay tuned for updates on my new journey.


Road to Happiness

What’s your definition of Fun?

According to Google “Fun” is defined as enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.

Everyone loves to have fun, right?

I know I do. But I just haven’t been feeling like I’ve been having very much in awhile. I’m always dreaming about how I’m having fun with my friends, but never in reality.

  1. There’s not much to do here in this city; but I guess you should find your own fun, and make the best of it right? instead of complaining, huh (easier said than done).
  2. All anybody ever wants to do is party or drink. That can’t possibly be the only “fun” you can have. It also sucks if you have no-one else to have fun with.

So where does that leave me?

This generation is definitely different, or maybe it’s not the generation but the people I’ve decided to be around that changes things. I need something new in my life, new friends, new experience, maybe a new location. I’m afraid if i’m stuck in this funk any longer that I may lose my creativity spark.

I’ve fiddled with the idea of moving to Florida over the few months, but I just don’t know. Stepping out my comfort zone is a bit unnerving, but I think I eventually have to do it.

I don’t know what awaits, but hopefully I will find my way one day (sooner than later).