Montserrat // Weekend Trip Review Pt 2

Hey guys!!

I’m back with the last post of my little adventure weekend in Montserrat. I started earlier with the process of getting to MNI (country code) and ended at Friday, our first full day. Now for the rest of the weekend’s shenanigans!

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Travel Tag

  1. You are leaving tomorrow to start a new life, where would you go?

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    Oh Canada – At the current moment my dream is to pursue my master’s degree in Canada. I always had dreams of living there as well; loved it after my first visit.

  2. You could take someone for a weekend away to the place you had your best holiday ever,where would that be and who would you go with?

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    In my twenty-one years of life I’ve had some great holiday moments, my best one would have to be a carnival cruise to the western “Caribbean”. My favorite stop was Isla Roatan, Honduras; I would gladly return for a weekend to do some exploring and take my best friend.

  3. You can get married wherever you want and your budget is limitless, whats your choice?

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    This is a tough one considering the fact that I’m unsure of marriage, can I just have a wedding for the fun of it? *Lol* If I had to choose a destination wedding spot I’d choose my very own island Antigua and spend most of the money going all out on the decor, dresses, food, and photography. On another note this is a TRAVEL tag, so maybe I should choose elsewhere?  Hmm, nah.

  4. You could go back in time and relive one family trip, which one?

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    It’d have to be our trip to Atlanta, Georgia. I would suggest more activities to do in our time besides going shopping. I’m sure there’s lot to discover.

  5. During your travels you can bring home one animal as a pet which one would it be?

    Strangely enough the first animal I thought of was a wolf, now where am I travelling to find a wolf? It’s the closest thing to a dog, so why not?

  6. What’s the one thing you would park first for a one year travel around the world?

    Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera - Urban Outfitters:
    My camera of course! As soon as I invest in one it’d definitely be my travel buddy anywhere I go.

  7. What would your fantasy 100th Birthday destination be and why?

    Image result for hawaii
    100th Birthday?!? Well if I make it that far I’m thinking a trip to Hawaii with my family. I tried to pick an island so I can simply continue enjoying life preferably on a beach.

  8. During your travel you can learn one sport and become a pro, which one would it be and why?

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    Is gymnastics a sport? I think yes! I’ve always been interested in gymnastics from watching movies and the Olympic games. It’d be cool to be flipping on the bars and balance beams like a pro.

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101 Things to do in 1001 Days

Hey guys!!

Welcome to my new page “101 in 1001”. A lot of you may have seen other bloggers participating in this goal list challenge, and I thought why not? It’s an easy way to set some goals, make some new posts, and in some way be held accountable for completing them. I originally got this idea from blogger Jhaneel Lockhart and you can see her list here. It’s basically a list of 101 things you’d like to complete in 1001 days (2.75 years). I followed her idea of breaking it into groups: Long overdue, Personal, Travel, Antigua (where I currently live), Food, Family/Friends, Passion projects, Just for fun, Blog goals, and other.  So without delaying any further, here is my list!

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Falling for FALL

As Summer comes to and end, I’m stuck on an island dreaming of fall. What’s wrong with me, right? I can think of so many individuals who would love to be in my position. However, after experiencing the change of seasons over the last three years, Fall definitely grew on me.

As a part of this week’s discovery challenge The Poetry of List-Making I decided to share what my dreams consisted of; so here are:

My Fall Favorites

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Before I Die

If you know of anyone who’s afraid of any and everything, that person is ME. I’d look at all the danger that could happen before I allow myself to get talked into it. However, there are a few things I’d like to try before I leave this world. P.S they’re not all adrenaline rush activities.


  1. Sky Diving

    Why does a girl who’s afraid of heights want to go sky diving??? Well, even though I believe I’d probably freeze up when it’s time to jump I still want to experience the trill of it. #YOLO

  2. Go to a festival

    Any music festival from Coachella to SXSW. [I’m not versed in this area, so would have to do some research. But I’d probably choose coachella]


  3. Drake/Beyoncé concert

    I’ve probably mentioned something about Champagne Papi on my blog before, I lahveee him. #6God Definitely have to be at one of his concerts before I die, and it’d be awesome if i ever got to meet him. Beyoncé is also a win for me too #BeyHive.


  4. Backpack through Europe

    So much to see and explore in Europe. This would definitely be an adventure visiting historical landmarks as well as places of interests. Oh, and don’t forget all the food to test out.

    Source: google

  5. Cliff Jumping

    Another adrenaline rush, not quite sure how this one would work out, because I can’t swim *cries*. But I’ve seen this place in Jamaica and it looks pretty cool!

  6. Hike a mountain

    I’ve been camping/hiking before, but never an actual mountain per say. Would definitely have to keep it small, maybe Blue Mountains in Jamaica? *P.S I just need to visit Jamaica*

  7. Grand canyon

    Never thought about visiting here until we were supposed to go for our geology club field trip, and plans fell through. However, I still want to make it a trip! Lots too explore and we know I’m all about that.


  8. Go flyboarding

    Another experience at flying


  9. Color run
    More like a walk for me, or maybe one of those obstacle runs.

  10. Hot Air Balloon ride

    Up, up, and away.


    There you have it folks, the top ten activities on my bucket list! Have you guys tried any I mentioned? Advice? Tips? What were your experiences like?

    How about your bucket list? What’s on it?