Find Happiness in Yourself NOT “STUFF”

Happy Sunday! How have you guys been?

Happiness is something which we all try to achieve for our little own sanity. To be content, carefree, cheerful, merry, joyful all of that; It would be awesome if we could be happy 24/7 and not worry about anything but that’s just life.

However, many people feel that once they purchase something tangible or get into a relationship with someone, that they will be fulfilled. WRONG! That’s not how it works, or of course you’d be happy for sometime then you’d want something else again and the process repeats.


Instead of relying on “STUFF” for happiness; whether it be a new car, phone, clothes, jewelry etc etc try looking within. True fulfillment can come in so many other ways, here are a few: Continue reading “Find Happiness in Yourself NOT “STUFF””


Things to be HAPPY about // A-Z Gratitude Challenge

Hey Guys!

It’s the last day of May and before we enter June, *half way through 2017, whoa* I just want to take a moment and recognize all the things I have to be thankful/happy for. So here’s a little alphabet challenge:

A-Z Gratitude Challenge:

A – Art; the only way I know how to express myself, whether it’s writing, drawing, painting, or creating

B – Blogging + Books; I’m happy to have found an outlet where I can share my thoughts and inspire people. For writers who also have the power of inspiring others and spreading their wisdom through books.

C – Carnival; A Caribbean festival which happens in the Summer for our island (Antigua). The first time I participated in the parade wearing a costume it felt magical. I love this experience! * can’t wait to do it in other parts of the region/world* Continue reading “Things to be HAPPY about // A-Z Gratitude Challenge”


Hey April!

(via brookeweeberillustration: April Flowers. | ❀ Spring Sweetness ❀ | Pin…):

Hey guys!

Welcome to a new month.  I like the feel of new months, because I think they’re a chance for a fresh start. As cliché as it may sound it’s a great time for a new beginning; forget all about what went wrong last month and focus on the current moment. All the goals you made at the beginning of the year, continue to work on them and set individual steps to reach them. Continue reading “Hey April!”

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Explore SoFlo, Take 2

Ali, Ali, Ali the explorer!
Grab your backpacks!
Let’s Go!
Jump in!

So after I showed my mom how I spent one of my last days she ended up calling me explorer. Which resulted in me thinking of  Dora, the explorer hence the opening (lol I’m lame like that).

Anyway part two of my series (and sadly the last for a while) “Explore SoFlo” includes me going bike riding along Hollywood beach boardwalk, visiting BurgerFi and Ben & Jerry’s. It may just be my very first fun-filled day, and I was so close to canceling on my friend. Everything was last-minute and basically planned by me googling stuff to do in the area. (S/O to Google!)

Continue reading “Explore SoFlo, Take 2”


Road to Happiness

What’s your definition of Fun?

According to Google “Fun” is defined as enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.

Everyone loves to have fun, right?

I know I do. But I just haven’t been feeling like I’ve been having very much in awhile. I’m always dreaming about how I’m having fun with my friends, but never in reality.

  1. There’s not much to do here in this city; but I guess you should find your own fun, and make the best of it right? instead of complaining, huh (easier said than done).
  2. All anybody ever wants to do is party or drink. That can’t possibly be the only “fun” you can have. It also sucks if you have no-one else to have fun with.

So where does that leave me?

This generation is definitely different, or maybe it’s not the generation but the people I’ve decided to be around that changes things. I need something new in my life, new friends, new experience, maybe a new location. I’m afraid if i’m stuck in this funk any longer that I may lose my creativity spark.

I’ve fiddled with the idea of moving to Florida over the few months, but I just don’t know. Stepping out my comfort zone is a bit unnerving, but I think I eventually have to do it.

I don’t know what awaits, but hopefully I will find my way one day (sooner than later).