Netflix, No Chill

Hey Guys!!

As you may or may not know I AM A TV SERIES ADDICT *don’t worry I know my limits*. What can I say? I have a lot of free time and it’s so easy to get wrapped up in shows. Binge watching shows isn’t all bad; it could be a stress reliever in some ways. Think about the idea of forgetting about all your problems for a couple of hours and getting entangled in another world. Seems safe enough right?

So I watch a variety of shows, but I think they mainly revolve around supernatural beings, teenage drama, action films and marvel series. This list is mainly what I’ve binge watched recently and currently watching on TV.

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September Shows

Hey Guys!!

It’s a new month, so new shows. In case you haven’t known I’m a complete Netflix addict, so it’s only right. Two of these shows were suggested by my newest friend, while the second was a random pick from Netflix suggestions. Continue reading “September Shows”

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Professional Binge Watcher [Pt 1]

Few people can call themselves lucky for the fact that they obtain a job right after college, but for some of us, well we’re not so lucky. So here I am with a new hobby or what I call a Professional Binge Watcher. Other people may see me as a bum (My parents), but I see it as passing the time (okay, maybe I am being a bum). But, after going to college for three years, and school as a whole since the age of 3 a little down time is good.

Therefore, since I graduated college I’ve been binge watching TV shows, whether on Netflix, Hulu, and channel apps (HBOGo, USA, CW). So i’m here to give you a list of my favorite TV shows (in no particular order), and maybe you may want to get into them too. Or you’re probably into them already, and we can discuss them. =)


Everybody seemingly knows about DC Comics except me! The only comic book I knew about growing up were Archie comic books! However, all I have to say is WHERE HAS GOTHAM BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! In all honesty I attempted to watch this show last year October on Netflix, but from the first episode didn’t really catch on. But two weeks ago I decided to give it another try, and I finished both seasons (well how far they were with season 2) in a matter of days! (I watch shows alternately). I seriously love this show, and I can’t wait for Season 2 to continue next month. Learning who was who was also tricky in the beginning, I may have used google a bit, but there was no doubt who the joker was. Let me say my favorite characters got to be Alfred Pennyworth, Selina Kyle, and Penguin (even though he’s a snitch).


Season 1 – Netflix
Season 1 & 2 – couchtuner

2. The Vampire Diaries

I used to watch this show back in 2013, but never finished it, and I still haven’t! Currently on season 4 out of 6. Each season has 22 episodes, and probably 45 mins in length for each. I started over from season one sometime earlier this month, and this show gets me so worked up that I have to take breaks to maintain my sanity. Between Elena, Damon and Stefan one of them or all of them will drive you crazy. Only thing with this show is the fact that I was seeing similarities to Twilight and I hated that. (Yes, I disliked Twilight, sorry) But when The originals came to play the show regained my confidence. P.S. I’m absolutely in love with Klaus (probably the accent).

vampire diaries

Seasons 1-6 : Netflix

P.s If you don’t have a Netflix account couchtuner works good for me. Also I didn’t want to make this post really long, because I’ve been watching a few shows. So maybe I’ll do a series every other day, since I also discuss them a bit.

Stay Tuned!