Quotes + Affirmations to Jumpstart Your Day

Morning my loves!! I know it’s not everyday we wake up on the good side of the bed, ready to take on the world; so I’ve decided to share a few quotes and affirmations to help you jumpstart your day!

Here we go:


Quotes to get you going ~

Yesterday’s worries are just that.
Today is a new day, a new chance for a fresh start.

We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.

Inspired by the fear of being average. Continue reading “Quotes + Affirmations to Jumpstart Your Day”


Things to be HAPPY about // A-Z Gratitude Challenge

Hey Guys!

It’s the last day of May and before we enter June, *half way through 2017, whoa* I just want to take a moment and recognize all the things I have to be thankful/happy for. So here’s a little alphabet challenge:

A-Z Gratitude Challenge:

A – Art; the only way I know how to express myself, whether it’s writing, drawing, painting, or creating

B – Blogging + Books; I’m happy to have found an outlet where I can share my thoughts and inspire people. For writers who also have the power of inspiring others and spreading their wisdom through books.

C – Carnival; A Caribbean festival which happens in the Summer for our island (Antigua). The first time I participated in the parade wearing a costume it felt magical. I love this experience! * can’t wait to do it in other parts of the region/world* Continue reading “Things to be HAPPY about // A-Z Gratitude Challenge”


World Mental Health Day

β€œIt has been a crazy couple of months with a few surprises and unexpected turns, I have been stressing a little extra about it yesterday and today. But I…”:

People seem to think that because it’s not a physical illness that it doesn’t count. Well, you’re absolutely wrong, mental illnesses to me are 10x worst because you simply can’t escape your thoughts.

All I want to say to anyone out there suffering from a mental disorder is to stay strong, you can get through this. As it says above “Storms don’t last forever.”

Cry if you have to

Don’t beat up yourself

Find someone you trust to speak to

Don’t forget to take care of you

Stay active

My whispered colors:

Stay Tuned