Motivation Monday #8 // “You never say yes to anything.”

Hey Guys!
Happy Monday, no blues round here!

If you follow me on Instagram you’d know that I finally got two books that have been on my Book List for months now. Well, since I watched GirlBoss on Netflix and got the gist of it I decided to start with Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes.

Even though I’m pretty sure I can read through this book quickly, I decided to take my time with it. Lo and behold the first chapter already brought me inspiration, which is why you’re now reading this.


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2017 Book List

Every year I make it a resolution to read more books, but do I actually get it done?
Last year I read on total one and a half books, embarrassing right?
There was once a time when I was running through books like nothing always eager for the next. Throughout my childhood years it was Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, but as I got older I developed an interest in Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, John Grisham and my favorite James Patterson. I was mostly drawn to love stories or crime/thrillers/mystery. Continue reading “2017 Book List”