Let’s Talk: Time

Hey Guys!!

Are we really half way through May? *Well technically more than half.*
Am I the only one who feels like 2017 is zooming by?
It honestly feels like so much has happened and frightening to know that more is still to come.

Time is a funny subject.

“Everything takes time.”

“Time waits on no man.”

There are quotes which show you that time is limited and if you want to achieve something you need to start acting now. Then there are others which tell you to slow down, appreciate the current moment because good things take time.
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Friday Faves // Top 10 Tracks

“I just wanna thank God & Ice Cube for Friday!”

This Friday it’s all about MUSIC.

People listen to music for a variety of reasons; for me it’s just for fun or simply to relax/chill. Something about music just makes you feel a “type of way”. Whether it makes you revisit a past event or lift your mood for that day. Continue reading “Friday Faves // Top 10 Tracks”


Friday Faves // Online Stores



Hey guys, it’s yet another Friday so you know what that means!

Friday Faves

Today it’s all about SHOPPING. Show me a girl that doesn’t love to shop, I’ll wait! Even though I prefer going to a mall, sometimes you just gotta shop online for convenience.

Here’s a list of my favorite places to shop:

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Image result for forever 21

Image result for forever 21

My go-to for everyday wear, especially in college. Their basics line with camis, leggings and bodycon dresses are also pretty cool. I shop accessories from here too!

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