Let’s Talk // Being a HATER

As I enter another year of life and we prepare for a new year (2018) I took a step back and began to analyze my life. Is it going how I planned? Did I achieve my goals/dreams? Am I becoming the person I want to be? Am I happy with myself? etc etc. Then, it crossed my mind how throughout this year I was being called a hater for my views on certain topics. Whether it was how someone was dressed, what they liked, how they acted or what they chose to do with their life. I had to stop and ask myself, when did I become that person?

lets talk

How did I go from the person who cared about what other people thought of me to one who had negative comments about everything. I wouldn’t say I’m an internet troll *I keep it in the group chats*, but I’ve definitely been caught sipping on some haterade. At least that’s what it looks like to other people, but maybe my opinions just differ from everyone else? Continue reading “Let’s Talk // Being a HATER”


the idea of YOU

Are you who you want to be?
Who you imagine yourself to be?

Are you living up to your potential?
Striving to be the best you can be?

Sometimes we get lost in the ideas of being someone else;
Forgetting that we were born to be different.

What is the Idea of You?

Who am I?

~ 30 layers, 30 days
Day 2


Let’s Talk // I Strive for BADASSERY

Are ya’ll tired of hearing me speak about the Year of Yes yet? I hope not!
So, what is BADASSERY and why am I striving for it?

All compliments to Shonda Rhimes, Badassery is:

  1. (noun) the practice of knowing one’s own accomplishments and gifts, accepting one’s own accomplishments and gifts and celebrating one’s own accomplishments and gifts; 2. (noun) the practice of living life with swagger : SWAGGER (noun or verb) a state of being that involves loving oneself, waking up “like this” and not giving a crap what anyone else thinks about you. Term first coined by William Shakespeare.

2017-10-14 17.38.54.jpg

Now that we got that lovely description out the way, why should we strive for it?

It was at an award ceremony where Shonda realized how other young women including herself did not know how to celebrate their accomplishments while being honored. They did one of three things, hid their faces, laugh it off or try to get the person speaking to stop. Continue reading “Let’s Talk // I Strive for BADASSERY”


Let’s Talk: Time

Hey Guys!!

Are we really half way through May? *Well technically more than half.*
Am I the only one who feels like 2017 is zooming by?
It honestly feels like so much has happened and frightening to know that more is still to come.

Time is a funny subject.

“Everything takes time.”

“Time waits on no man.”

There are quotes which show you that time is limited and if you want to achieve something you need to start acting now. Then there are others which tell you to slow down, appreciate the current moment because good things take time.
Isn’t this some sort of contradiction? Continue reading “Let’s Talk: Time”


Let’s Talk: Relationships

Friendships…..Relationships….. Situationships……. I’m in a shipppp guys

 disney reactions pocahontas eyeroll roll eyes GIF

So besides my ‘Lessons learned from my Exes‘ post I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about relationships on here. Which by the way it doesn’t seem like I learned anything, but also because it’s a touchy/complicated thing for me.

However, Let’s talk! Continue reading “Let’s Talk: Relationships”


Thursday Thoughts // Behind Closed Doors

Sometimes I feel like I’m living a double life, a lie, pretending to be someone I’m not. But, the crazy thing is I know who I want to be, it’s just different from what/whom people know me to be. I’ve mentioned this previously in my postΒ Who am I?, but it’s becoming quite prevalent in my thoughts lately.

Who am I lying to the most?

People on the outside or myself?

Will I ever feel complete if I continue this “double” life?

You’re probably wondering why not join the two? Show the outside people who I really am.

The judgement? That’s probably the biggest reason as to why not.

So do I continue this way or attempt to get over it?

Are you the same person behind closed doors as you are in front of them?

These are just a few of my thoughts, maybe a new series? Thursday Thoughts?

Stay Tuned


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Here & Now

Damn Ali, back again with the discover challenges! Do ya’ll remember when that was a thing? All the “Damn Daniel” remarks etc. Anyways, it’s been awhile since I participated in a Daily Post Discover Challenge; I usually like these challenges because they push you to think about certain topics not just at surface level, but at depth. Continue reading “Here & Now”



As you get older you go through various transitions.
From primary school to high school,
high school to college,
college to university,
and finally university to adult life.

Each stage prepares you for the next, or at least that’s the idea.

I’m currently at the transition from university life to adult life and I’m barely coping.

At the previous levels it always took me awhile to adjust. In high school I never felt where I belonged until 3rd form (grade 9), and even then it was still a weird position. I had a group of friends which made it bearable, as well as the experience of going through high school. Then came college where everything began to change; first of all some of us attended different schools, then there was the fact where most of us were now attending a mixed school (girls and boys). P.s I went to an all girl’s high school, so that was another transition to get used to. The next big transition was from college to university; moving away from home, and meeting new people.

Definitely learned a lot of new things between that period, and throughout uni life.Β However, it’s now the biggest transition of my life—> the adult world. Honestly I don’t feel prepared or ready for it, and I’m definitely not handing it well. It’s been four months since I graduated, and I still haven’t found a job. This worries and scares me for various reasons. Thus, the last few weeks I’ve been frustrated and stressed resulting in little to no motivation/inspiration to blog. Everyone keeps saying “don’t worry about it”, “keep trying”, “your time will come” etc But i’m getting tired of waiting, and feeling like my life is going to waste.

Sigh. Transitions S U C K.

What are some ways you’ve dealt with your transitions? any advice? words of encouragement?

Daily Prompts, reflection

Remember this?

Have you ever wondered how far back in your life you can actually remember?

Maybe your 5th birthday?

Or just something you did when you were young or how life was?

Is it easy for you?

Or are you like me, where my first memories I can recall are from high school (age 10 up).

Don’t get me wrong I recall a few memories from primary school, but only of significant events. And they were usually negative in some way e.g embarrassing moments (there were a lot), getting teased/bullied, and maybe the one occasional good memory, but you get the point. They’re some people in my life which I can’t recall how we met or how our friendship were before now. Sad thing is I can’t even remember my primary school graduation.

I vaguely researched this topic about what’s the earliest age persons have memories from, and it was stated around 9/10.

Childhood/Infantile Amnesia.

However, I currently have a friend who remembers everything about her life growing up, dates included, well at least the year. I wonder how she does it every time, and what it would mean for her life later down. would she still recall each experience and when it happened? Or eventually as she gets older she’d recall less and less, and eventually all.

I know this is not the kind of thing to get jealous about, but I wish I could remember details of my life. Or maybe the ones she remembers are just like mine, a significant moment in time. Maybe you only remember memories where a certain event occurred or each memory has a trigger for you to remember it?

I can’t completely be upset at the fact that I can’t remember certain occasions, because thinking about it there are a lot of great memories that you do remember. Like the simple stuff you probably take for granted; the scent of a lover, something nice someone said to you or the way they made you feel. Imagine all the work your brain does to remind you of these things.

Strangely enough this topic has been on my mind for sometime. Maybe just the general idea of psychology interests me. Like how I’m interested in the way the earth operates i’m just curious about the way the brain operates.

In response to the Discovery Challenge “Memory