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How to Survive Midterms

Je veins de l'ecole:

Hey College peeps! How ya holding up?

Don’t worry, you’re almost there.

The semester is half-way through, so you know what that means –


The library is crowded no matter what time you go, study halls are packed, coffee shops even more crowded, and remember those people you saw on the first day of class and never saw again? They’re back, because it’s MIDTERM MADNESS.

So how can you survive the madness?

  1. Plan your time wisely

    Midterm grades can make or break you.
    Have a study plan outlined and an exam calendar.
    Know when assignments are due.
    Plan time for library sessions, study groups, or even visiting your professor. Everything needs to be organized.
    A little workout session between studying isn’t a bad idea as well.

  2. Study smart, not hard

    Some people prefer to study in groups, whereas others prefer to go solo; do what works for you or try both. A concept you may have missed in class could be better explained by another classmate.
    Also, when studying alone don’t spend all your time on things you already know, but the harder topics.
    Alternate your places where you study (the park, room, library etc).

  3. Relax

    Before an exam get a good nights rest and a healthy breakfast the morning of.
    Don’t stress about it or try to cram information last minute (unless that works for you).
    Envision yourself passing the test and believe in it; training your mind to see success helps with attaining it.

How do you handle midterm madness? Any tips for fellow college goers?

Stay Tuned

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Do’s + Don’ts of COLLEGE // Tips & Tricks

Hey Guys!!

So we’re two weeks into school or maybe three; first off congrats on your new journey freshmen and have a good semester, as well as everyone else. Better late than never, but here are a few Do’s and Don’ts of College to get you through the 4 years, alongside some Tips and Tricks.

P.S. This is just a practical list of what I learnt during my time.


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College Life

My College Life Pt. 1

I recently wrote a blog on after college life (Real World Time), so I decided why not have a story on my college life? Well, here it goes!

My college life lasted three years, usually four years for a science degree, but I had some credits transferred from my previous school. We’ll break it down into parts so therefore it isn’t too long, and drawn out. Hopefully, I also remember everything that happened that year.

2013: Yay, I’m Free

On December 28th 2012, just a few days after Christmas I left my hometown Antigua to embark on my new journey of university life. Of course, the picture in my head was what I saw on TV, but as you would soon see that was not the case.

Blog pic

The image above is a near perfect representation of what I was leaving behind to what I was about to encounter. From sun, sea, sand, the perfect tourist destination, summer all year-round to tornado alley, hotter than hell, a different season every other week (If you live in Texas you’d understand.) Yes, I left my nice little Caribbean island of Antigua to move to Wichita Falls, Texas.

I wasn’t thinking of the location, but much rather of the fact that I’d be away from so many things in Antigua, and have the opportunity to start afresh. So I started the Midwestern State University in spring 2013. Let me also say that attending university wasn’t always in my plans. It was rather last minute only because all my friends were talking about going away, and I was stuck there like “now what?” So I applied, and got accepted (Woohoo!) I decided to major in Environmental Science, because it was one of the things I was always interested with throughout High School. Even though I didn’t know where it would take me I was up for the challenge.

It was my first semester, and my best GPA wise, hey I made the Dean’s honor roll. Besides school work wise I was very shy, and afraid to actually go out. I didn’t have much friends, and I didn’t know how to quite adjust to my new surroundings. P.S. I was also the youngest person in the group I was acquainted with. Β Even though I was always a shy individual it stemmed from me being afraid to be my true self around others for fear of judgement. It was kind of like when people see you at first they have one image in their head, and anything you do outside of that image is shunned. So I tried to stick with what people thought I was. (BAD IDEA!!! P.S. Never be afraid to BE YOURSELF!

My first spring break – Now watching all sorts of college movies and TV shows I had high expectations of what Spring Break was supposed to be like. However, here in Wichita Falls it was nothing like that. Therefore, my roommate, one of her best friends and I (I’m a third wheel most times) went to Dallas for a couple of days. Dallas is a two hour drive away, and one of the major cities in Texas. We basically shopped, went go carting, roller-coaster ride (hated it), and clubbing! It was fun, and I couldn’t complain.

Summer School – So, because I was an international student I was required to do summer school in my first year (It sucked). Summers in Texas are no fun trust me; the temperature goes above 100 degrees! That’s where they get the name of their famous bike ride “Hotter than Hell.” To make it even worst I was taking a history class at 8 a.m. with one of the most boring professors. I definitely learned my lesson after that summer.

Fall – My favorite time of year; it was also my first time experiencing a change in season. The way the leaves change color and are all scattered on the ground just makes me feel happy. The lake by the gym is always pretty around this time of year. Also in the fall semester the Caribbean Students Organization which I am apart of hosts a parade called “Caribfest.” It’s basically a mini carnival like those put on in the islands, Brazil, Canada and all over the world. To continue my growth and stepping out of my comfort zone (with a little push from my roommate) I participated in the parade. Fall semester also happens to be a big semester for me, because my birthday is in October. It was my first birthday away from friends and family, but I enjoyed it with the help of some people.

My first year was also when I had my most homesickness, even though it was what I always dreamed of (leaving home, living alone, blah blah blah.) Therefore, I went home for my break between Spring and Summer school, and again for Christmas Break. It’s always nice being home, nothing beats Caribbean food, relaxing on a beach, and simply put ISLAND LIFE.

All in all after year one, my advice to any college freshmen are don’t be afraid to try new things, join new clubs, and put yourself out there. It would be scary at first, but in the long run it would all be worth it.

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Cheers to Graduating

On December 12th, 2015 another chapter of my life came to an end. I finally crossed the big stage, and achieved my Bachelor’s of Science degree. I am twenty-one years old, and completed this goal within three years. I’d like to say it was easy, but my friends can assure you that with all my complaints it was not. However, with hard work, determination, and an awesome support system it was possible. This is only the beginning as I embark on the journey of defining my career in Environmental Science, as well as continuing to find myself, and leave my mark on the world. Congratulations to all those who graduated in December 2015!! The world is yOURS.

BSc in Geoscience with a Concentration in Environmental Science
Midwestern State University Alumni


At the Table

Snack Time

         Not your average grilled cheese sandwich.


Lately, I’ve developed a new time love for spinach. Since I went grocery shopping last Thursday spinach has been in all my meals. While I was at the library today I had a major craving for a grilled cheese sandwich. To switch things up since I had no slice bread or a grill I used loaf bread from the bakery, and my waffle maker. Continue reading “Snack Time”

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Morning Routine

Back to School

Hello Guys! I hope everyone is doing well! I know I am =]
School started this week for me actually two days ago, because you know Monday was MLK Day. So I don’t know if that’s too quick to say I’ve developed a routine, but I think I did. As you may know from previous posts this is my senior year of college, and I’m trying to make it count. Therefore, I’ve set up a few goals in which I would like to achieve, and to complete these I’ve decided to change my methods on a couple of things. Enough chatter below you can find my morning routine before I go to school, and how it has helped me the past couple days.
P.S Feel free to share your routine with me in the comments section. πŸ™‚Β  Continue reading “Morning Routine”