If we were having coffee // February Roundup

Hey Guys

I decided to start this new series that I’ve seen on other blogs as a roundup of what’s been happening in my life each month. It’s basically an imaginary scenario where ‘if we were having coffee‘ what would I share with you; sort of like a chatty catch-up session. So let’s get into it.

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How to get out of a FUNK

Hey Guys!

Don’t you wish you could be happy every day? 365 days, 24/7 all happiness. I know that would be great, but sometimes it’s not that easy. Something is bound to come and mess your happiness up. However, those slight moods may be easier to come out of, but on other days it’s not. It may take a while to be back to normal depending on the situation.

According to the Urban Dictionary “FUNK” is defined as a depressed mood. To me it’s those times where you don’t feel like talking to anyone or when nothing excites you and you just feel useless. Since I have these moods once in a while I’ve found that these tips helped me out and brought me around.


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Braid-outs & Saltwater


What should have been my weekend in review is now a round-up of my Saturday shenanigans.


Wednesday was my two month post big chop-aversary (anniversary). I didn’t do a length check, but instead CORNROWS! *at least my sister’s version of them*. Don’t get me wrong I’m pretty appreciative of them, because I could do no better.

Single twists or Bantu knots would have taken forever so I decided to try a “Braid Out” and hopefully it came out how I desired. We all know this is probably not gonna happen right? Continue reading “Braid-outs & Saltwater”

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Monday Motivation #5

Happy Monday!
It’s the first monday on the month so let’s make it special.

Image result for bob marley performing

Do you know who this is?

Robert “Bob” Nesta Marley

Bob Marley was an icon known for his reggae music and Rastafarian religion across the world. You may have heard some of his famous songs like “One Love”, “Waiting in Vain” and “Jamming.”
However, he was also an inspiration to others and as a tribute to today being his birthday I’ll share some of my favorite quotes: Continue reading “Monday Motivation #5”

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Motivation Mondays // Mini Life Update

Great things never come from comfort zones.:

As my third and last month of my internship gradually comes to an end I just want to take some time to reflect. Never in a thousand years would I have seen myself working in the oil industry; going through university that’s all everyone thought would be your end job given my major.

I graduated university with a BSc in Geosciences with a concentration in Environmental Science. That’s a pretty broad field if you ask me – Water/Waste management, Environmental Chemistry, GIS, ecology, etc etc and the obvious the Petroleum Industry. However, for me oil just wasn’t an option *due to the health hazards and safety risks*.

I’ve now come to realize that each profession probably poses a hazard/risk at some point and where’s the fun in living life based on fear? As I returned home my options for employment related to my field drastically got smaller, because of this I had no choice but to bite the bullet and apply everywhere. At this point I was in a mindset where I was ready to accept anything thrown at me. Continue reading “Motivation Mondays // Mini Life Update”

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Destination Unknown


I can’t believe there are only THREE days left in the year; 2016 is definitely getting out of here with quickness. That also means three more days to get my life in order and make some goals for 2017.

For this year I only started making plans in January which was extra late, but this time hopefully it’s not the same. At the beginning of the year I was living in Texas and had a totally different outlook on my life and where I’d be at this point in time.

It’s good to make plans and to have an idea of where you want to go in life and the accomplishments you want to make. However, some times everything doesn’t go as planned and changes occur. The path I had set out for myself in January took many turns, and eventually I had no choice but to go with the flow.

As I go into 2017 I welcome new pathways in hopes that they enrich me with blessings and lessons to be learnt.

Welcome Home

“If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.”



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Sunday Funday //Boat Party

It’s now a given that my Sundays are meant for being on the water. Last Sunday I got invited to a boat cruise as a celebration for a friend of a friend’s birthday. I agreed to go as it was a long weekend and I had nothing else planned.

The boat was set to leave at 10:30 a.m. SHARP but as typical Antiguan (Caribbean) people we left sometime after 11:00 a.m. On our departure out of the harbor the water was a bit choppy so the ride wasn’t as enjoyable.

My favorite part about this boat was the fact that their was a top deck.  It was practically the worst area to be with all the rocking, but it had the best views. We ventured west of the island passing various popular beaches as well as the hidden gems. We continued heading around the island until we got to the southern part seeing areas such as Jolly Harbor and Hermitage Bay.

After making a U-turn we ventured back to a hidden beach which we passed on the way. This beach seems only accessible by boat unless you do some extreme hiking through the bush. I believe its name is Pinching Bay.

The water was nice and shallow, as well as pretty clear. There was food, drinks, music and some pretty cool people, what more can you ask for?

In all the day was pretty awesome and I couldn’t catch myself Monday morning for work *oops*. But as they say, “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” So let’s see how that goes!


Stay Tuned

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Treasure the Good Times

Christmas is usually a time when the family gets together to partake in various festivities. This may be the only time you ever see some of your family members for the year.

Based on today’s word of the day “Treasure” I just want everyone to remember that life is short, and no-one is promised tomorrow.

Let us continue to treasure the time we have with our friends and family while they’re still alive. If someone has wronged you for whatever reason try putting your pride aside to talk things out and forgive one another.

Cherish the moments;

Treasure the good times;

You never know when it’ll be the last.

β€œMoments, rather than possessions, are the true treasures of life.” ~ Frank Sonnenberg I #Memories #BookSmart:

Stay Tuned
*12 days of Blogmas coming soon*


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Favorite Bloggers + Youtubers // #FridayFaves

First Friday of December!


As I get more into blogging I explore different avenues in which I can find new bloggers to relate too. There’s twitter, bloglovin’, instagram, and pinterest where I stumble upon new bloggers whose style I just adore. On the other hand, during my free time I’d watch a few YouTube videos from individuals I find through the same mediums.

So here it goes, in no particular order of preference:

  1. Raven Elyse
    I either found her from tumblr or Instagram but I keep up with her every now and again on YouTube. She recently restarted her blog as well whose concept and style I’m in love with.
    Image result for raven elyse
  2. Jayla Koriyan (The Glamaholic)
    I love shopping and continue to look forward to her clothing hauls; she always finds awesome outfits at affordable stores. She also vlogs about college and basically her life.
    Image result for jayla koriyan
  3. Vicky Logan
    Absolutely adore her marriage or at least what she posts on snapchat etc. She also has a series “Life With the Logans” as well as her personal vlog channel with hairstyles and makeup.
    Image result for vicky logan
  4. Mattieologie
    Found through twitter and I live for her inspiration posts. She also does webinars and free email courses which I sign up for once there’s time. Everything she speaks about is pretty informative for me.
  5. Amber Janae
    Another inspirational blogger who promotes self-love, wellness, personal and professional development.fullsizerender-1
  6. Keeping Up With MJ
    A new blog I discovered through twitter; her posts are pretty neat and inspiring. We also have the same concept of a freestyle blog where we post about our interests among other things.
    Bonus points because she’s Trinidadian #CaribbeanGirlsRunIt *ask Rih Rih*

There you have it my favorite bloggers + youtubers, if you haven’t make sure you check ’em out!

Who are your personal faves? Tell me below!
I always love checking out new blogs.


Stay Tuned

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T’is the Season

It’s the eve of December and thanksgiving is long gone, so you know what’s next right?


The most wonderful time of the year.
I absolutely adore Christmas for so many reasons.
From the food, music, decorations, movies etc etc
I just love the feel of the Christmas season.
It also happens to get cooler in the tropics as oppose to Winter elsewhere. Continue reading “T’is the Season”